Can we apply as a duo?

What should I send in with my application?
5 x A4 pages with previous work
1 x A4 page with a personal statement (we also accept video’s)


Is the program only meant for recently graduated designers?
The program is open to anyone who wants to learn, get new insights, needs a creative push. There is no age or experience restriction.

Do I need to prepare anything before the course?
No, that’s not necessary.

Which programs/digital tools will we work with?
Zoom for live sessions
Vimeo for recorded sessions (no account needed)
Slack for discussions and sharing information
Dropbox for saving work processes & files (basic account)
Possibly: Freehand / InVision to record and map work processes

Will lectures be in English?
Yes, the entire program will be in English.

What time of day will sessions take place?
Most classes will probably take place around 14pm or 16pm (time Netherlands), because that works for most time zones. Although the final schedule will be based on the time zones people are joining from.

Are sessions live or recorded?
All sessions are live and will also be recorded. If you miss a lecture, you can always watch it later via a shared link.

Is it mandatory to attend sessions live?
No, but some sessions would be convenient to join live, like weekly smaller group sessions with your tutor. We form tutor groups according to time zone, so everyone could be able to join.

Will there be possibilities to meet in person during the program?
It depends on the covid-19 situation. If restrictions allow it, we will probably organize an informal meeting with people who are or can be in the Netherlands during the program.

Do I get a certificate after the program?
Yes, but note that this is a course and that we are not an accredited educational institution, so it does not count as an official diploma.


Is there a payment plan?
Preferably payment is done completely before the start of the program. If that is not possible, we can discuss a payment plan.

Are there funding opportunities to participate in the program?
Not directly through us, but you could check with cultural or creative funds in your own country.

How can I transfer the participation fee?
We will send you an email with our bank details and a PayPal link, so you can choose. If both are not an option, we can discuss other possibilities.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes, we will send invoices to every participant.

Do I need extra budget to buy course material?
There is no mandatory course material, but you might need a budget for creating your work.

Will there be other costs?
If a physical exhibition can be organized, it is important to keep in mind that you might need to pay transportation costs to the exhibition location (return costs will be covered by Dutch Invertuals).

Dutch Invertuals Academy
February 1 - March 12

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