Dutch Invertuals Academy offers extensive input and feedback from tutors, lecturers, and special guests from our Invertual network. You will be supported by a wide range of workshops, lectures, one-to-one video calls, and critical feedback sessions, centered around the theme True Matter.




Tutors from our vast network of designers, each with their own set of skills and expertise, will guide you through this inspiring journey.

As an example here you can find the time schedule of the first Academy program in summer 2020.


Raw Color

Raw Color is known for their strong visual language. They work across design disciplines to materialise colour by blending the fields of Graphic Design, Photography and Product Design. Raw Color forms daily objects into colorful settings.

Studio Mieke Meijer

Maneuvering between architecture and design, Studio Mieke Meijer creates extraordinary objects for the public and private domain, reflecting the logic of the construction and respecting material properties, while always pushing the limit.

Xandra van der Eijk

As an artist and designer, Xandra connects art with ecology and activism. Incorporating theory, fieldwork, documentation methods and material development, Xandra re-interprets our landscape from a more holistic view, less anthropocentric.

Wendy Plomp

As founder and design director of Dutch Invertuals, Wendy Plomp addresses actual subjects and works on concepts with a collective of design talents. As the driving force behind Dutch Invertuals, Plomp will inspire and enthuse you to use your imaginative powers, to think critically and to make way for a more sustainable future.

“In the tutor group meetings, I felt an enormous intrinsic motivation to be a part of the academy adventure and an urge to create something that matters”


Mieke – Dutch Invertuals
Academy Tutor 2020




A carefully selected group of Invertuals and guest lecturers from our network, will share their knowledge, specializations and working methods with you. We will constantly be adding names to this list…

Edhv, Architects of Identity

Design director Remco van de Craats of multidisciplinary studio edhv think identity is at the core of everything. It is all around us, visible and invisible. It is an essential component in understanding and interacting with our surroundings. That is why this domain is so exciting.

Bram Vanderbeke

Bram explores and transforms possible interactions between an object, its architectural environment and its user. Creating manifestations that are both autonomously artistic ánd useable: architectural objects and rhythmic installations in varying dimensions.

Nina van Bart

Nina van Bart is dedicated to increased sensorial experiences of space, shape and surface. By rethinking the arrangements of our environment or the outlook and feel of their components, she creates unexpected encounters with what surrounds us.

Schimmel & Schweikle

Schimmel and Schweikle believe that it is vital to recycle shapes just as it is important to recycle materials. With their work, they seamlessly move back and forth between the digital and the physical world. This circular methodology allows them to apply the freedom experienced in digital space to real-life objects.

Martens & Visser

Central to Michiel Martens and Jetske Visser’s work are the themes of movement and transformation inspired by nature, thereby sharing the thought of things being dynamic rather than static. Striving for a quality that mixes marvel and wonder at a surprising (in)sight and use of material and digital techniques.

Wendy Andreu

Wendy Andreu aims to communicate through the materials she is using. By experimenting with them, she finds surprising outcomes that can be translated into functional design proposals. In her research, the context has as much importance as the concept, without forgetting the quality of the making and the aesthetic of the pieces.

Daphna Laurens

Daphna and Laurens transform everyday objects into characteristic products, by researching traditions, materials and compositions. Literally being a ‘vormgever’ (a person who gives shape, in Dutch), Daphna and Laurens shape thoughts, objects, products and spaces.

Tijmen Smeulders

Tijmen reconsiders products for everyday use and their properties through a study of volume, light and perception. The results of his investigation are shaped in pieces which give new sensory experiences to the everyday.


Exciting colleagues from our Invertual network – check out now!

Studio ThusThat

Kevin Rouff and Paco Böckelmann work with overlooked materials involves moving between scientific research, industrial practices, and making. We hope that this approach results in a body of design work that is intellectually engaging, aesthetically rich, and ultimately accessible to wider audiences.

Dutch Invertuals Academy
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